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© 2016 Perla Audio, Inc.

Proudly designed and hand assembled in the U.S.A.

Contact :  1-775-722-1488

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"The Perla Signature 50 seems to be as perfect an integrated amplifier as one could hope to find. It possesses the liquidity and harmonic richness of a first-rate tube amp, combined with the extended range and total authority of a potent solid state amp. It is utterly non-fatiguing but fully revealing. In short, I love it. And I will add that while its sonic quality is its most important virtue, it is also, in its unostentatious dignity, a handsome amp to behold, obviously solidly constructed and simply but beautifully appointed. Finally, the owner of Perla, Shane Duffy, and his Audio Archon dealer Mike Kay, are both sincerely dedicated to customer satisfaction. I feel fortunate to have joined the Perla family, nor have I received any rewards for writing this testimonial-other than at long last achieving the elusive goal of audio contentment."-Mark, Satisfied Customer


“The system from Perla Audio was impressive, with a smooth tonal balance, natural dynamics, and absolutely spectacular imaging. Instrumental and vocal images had a rare tangibility and vividness, existing in space completely detached from the loudspeakers."-Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound



"The Perla Audio Signature 50 has many superlative qualities to offer the music lover searching for an integrated amplifier.-"Terry London Home Theater Review, Posted May 20, 2015Men's Lite Grey Kalis Skate Black Shoe DC Green Rqw7dTn7x




"Righello monoblocks ($9000 each), and Motif phono stage ($3500) were producing smooth and deep sound..."- Northern 8 12 Slippers Trail Camouflage Mens Clog Jason Victor Stereophile Magazine, Posted: Jun 3, 2015

Clog Trail 12 Mens Slippers 8 Northern Camouflage pwXBXd

"The whole system sounded so perfectly balanced at 6pm on Saturday that I didn’t even ask for specs on the gear. But excellence in sound is only a small part of why I love insane audio. Fortunately, the Perla guys cover the rest of the bases, too. These guys really are on to something. Check them out." -Malachi Kenny 




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