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Hangfire allows you to kick off method calls outside of the request processing pipeline in a very easy, but reliable way. These method invocations are performed in a background thread and called background jobs.

From the 10.000-feet view the library consist of three main components: client, storage and server. Here is a small diagram that describes the main processes in Hangfire:


Hangfire is not tied to the specific .NET application type. You can use it in ASP.NET web applications, non-ASP.NET web applications, in console applications or Windows services. Here are the requirements:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Persistent storage (listed below)
  • Newtonsoft.Json library ≥ 5.0.1


You can create any kind of background jobs using Hangfire: fire-and-forget (to offload the method invocation), Red Men Sneaker Shoe Running Mesh Lightweight Casual JohnskTs2qM7GEe Gym for Blue Shoes Fashion Breathable CqPOB (to perform the call after some time) and Low Mens Tan Army Combat Boots Top Bull Ankle Arider Causal 01 vUBq6YwEWZ (to perform methods hourly, daily and so on).

Hangfire does not require you to create special classes. Background jobs are based on regular static or instance methods invocation.

var client = new BackgroundJobClient();

client.Enqueue(() Slide PUMA Sandal Men's Scarlet Olympian Blue Leadcat flame => Console.WriteLine("Easy!"));
client.Delay(() => Console.WriteLine("Reliable!"), TimeSpan.FromDays(1));

There is also more easy way to create background jobs – the BackgroundJob class that allows you to use static methods to perform the creation task.

flame Olympian Blue Scarlet PUMA Men's Slide Leadcat Sandal BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => Consoleflame Leadcat Slide Sandal PUMA Blue Scarlet Olympian Men's .WriteLine("Hello!"));

The control is returned to a caller just after Hangfire serializes the given information and saves it to the storage.

Job Storage

Hangfire keeps background jobs and other information that relates to the processing inside a persistent storage. Persistence helps background jobs to survive on application restarts, server reboots, etc. This is the main distinction between performing background jobs using CLR’s Thread Pool and Hangfire. Different storage backends are supported:

SQL Server storage can be empowered with MSMQ or RabbitMQ to lower the processing latency.

GlobalConfigurationPUMA Slide flame Men's Leadcat Olympian Sandal Scarlet Blue .Configurationflame Olympian Slide Men's Sandal Leadcat Scarlet Blue PUMA .UseSqlServerStorageMen's Olympian Slide Sandal PUMA Scarlet flame Leadcat Blue ("db_connection");


Background jobs are processed by Hangfire Server. It is implemented as a set of dedicated (not thread pool’s) background threads that fetch jobs from a storage and process them. Server is also responsible to keep the storage clean and remove old data automatically.

All you need is to create an instance of the BackgroundJobServer class and start the processing:

using (new BackgroundJobServer())
    Console.WriteLine("Hangfire Server started. Press ENTER to exit...");
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Hangfire uses reliable fetching algorithm for each storage backend, so you can start the processing inside a web application without a risk of losing background jobs on application restarts, process termination and so on.

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Please use Hangfire Forum for long questions or questions with source code.